Flower & Grass Grinder


Grind away with the Flower & Grass Grinder! This unique grinder is perfect for grinding flower and grass (and we don't mean the kind in your backyard). With a bigger size, you can grind more at once. Perfect for all your earthy needs. This handheld treasure has four swoon-worthy chambers (YES! I got us the NICE kind) including a keef catcher and the little scraper thing. You know the one.

Grinder measures 2.5 inches in diameter, 1.75 inches tall. Absolutely and positively meant for grinding COOKING and BAKING herbs ONLY ;) Designed by Elizabeth Hudy in San Francisco. "Imperfect" grinders have superficial and minor scrapes or bubbles in the paint but are still 100% functional. Perfect for 4/20 or your everyday stoner.