Vintage "Desert Story" Textured lithograph by Judith Bledsoe

$268.00 $448.00

Two prints available! Vintage unframed scree print titled "Desert Story". Signed on the lower right, 76/250 & 77/250. White background with embossed trees and palms that frame the images. Good vintage condition - one print has a small tear on the lower right side.

35.5" long x 23.5" tall 

About the Artist:

Judith Bledsoe was an esteemed American painter and printmaker. She lived from 1938 to 2013. Judith was born in Hollywood, and she quickly ran off to Europe at the young age of 16, to pursue her artistic passions. She worked for BBC-TV in London, where she created live-drawings for them. Judith eventually settled down in Paris where she worked with the Imprimerie Nationale de France, the official lithography print workshop of France. She was actually commissioned to produce the official commemorative lithograph for the Imprimerie Nationale de France, titled "The Spirit of the Print Shop". Her work is usually produced using bright colors, and it  frequently incorporates depictions of the natural world along with dream-like imagery. 

What is a lithograph?

Lithography is an ancient planographic printmaking process. A design is drawn onto a flat stone, or a plate made of metal or aluminum. The drawing is then treated with an acidic solution and water, and then the design can be stamped onto paper.